Looking for any good reason for young healthy people to get the COVID vaccine.

Ron Whipple, September 29, 2021

If an old man dies of a heart attack while he has the flu; a doctor cites a heart attack as the cause of death.  If an old man dies of a brain hemorrhage while he has a cold; a doctor cites brain hemorrhage as the cause of death.  If an old man dies of complications from a gunshot wound while he has the flu; a doctor cites the gunshot wound as the cause of death.  If an old man with asthma dies while he has a cold, a doctor cites asthma as the cause of death.  But, if anyone dies of any of these things, (and any other secondary medical challenges), while they have COVID; doctors cite COVID as the cause of death.  So, we really do not know how many people have died of just COVID because of the way the data is recorded.  I have found references to a COVID fatality rate of just .0001% for completely healthy people.  Out of 660,000 recorded COVID deaths, that would mean only 462 people actually died from just COVID while it has been reported that over 15,000 have died from complications of the vaccine; most of those from inflammation of the hearth and blood vessels or blood clots with even more medical damage suspected from blood clots at the capillary level not to mention the possible damage suspected to our DNA but not yet proven . . .

So, yes; there is a definite lack of evidence from which to draw logical conclusions because we don’t have good data.  Ask five doctors their opinion on immunology and you will get five different answers.  Ask five different research epidemiologists how COVID is transmitted, and you will get five similar but distinctly different answers.  Ask a hundred statisticians to give you the number of deaths by COVID in people with no secondary medical challenges and you will get a hundred different answers and most of them will contain the caveat that is depends on the specificity of the data points.

Here are some CDC numbers on conditions contributing to death where COVID-19 was listed on the death certificate:

This data at least suggests that COVID-19 has to have other medical contributing factors in order to kill an otherwise healthy person, much like the flu.  I don’t think anyone dies of just the flu; deaths associated with the flu always have associated contributing factors such as asthma, neurologic factors, neurodevelopment conditions, blood disorders, lung disease, COPD, cystic fibrosis, endocrine disorders, diabetes, heart disease, liver disorders, metabolic disorders, obesity, weakened immune system disorders like HIV, AIDS, cancer, people who have had a stroke; I’m sure the list goes on.

The whole point to this exercise for me is to point out that COVID vaccine mandate for young, healthy people is not logical because this disease will probably not kill them, but the vaccine could. Additionally, the vaccine will not curb the spread of the disease because everyone remains a carrier of the disease, vaccinated or not.  So, what are the benefits of vaccination for young healthy people with no secondary health issues?  I cannot come up with one good one . . .


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